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Welcome to JUSO Coworking! JUSO Coworking is a coworking space in Osaka, located conveniently to the station, 3 minutes walk from Juso station (Hankyu Railway) that is near from Umeda, JR Osaka, Shin-Osaka station. You can drop in our space (on weekdays) and also use as a monthly member. We open JUSO Coworking since Dec. 2010, and our space is the 3rd Coworking space in Japan. A lot of communities have activities at our space and foreign guests often visit us. Business hours for visitors drop in: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 18:00 * Except for Japanese holidays. And we have summer holidays and New Year's holidays that are informed on this website. * For business hours for monthly members, please check the contents below. * We have bar-time at 18:00 - 22:00, every Wednesday. You can also drop-in at the time for one-drink fee. Facilities and Equipments 1F Living Room The main space of JUSO Coworking. Most of the drop-in users are use this room (A desk in room 402 is also available). There is the reception counter / free drinks in this room. When you visit us, please come in the room to check in. 4F Office room There are desks for monthly members who adopt fixed-desk plan. A table for meeting is availble for visitor who drop in. You can boil water and have some tea here. 3F Small Offices The room contain 4 small lockable offices for monthly members who adopt small-office plan. The room is available for only small-office plan members. The small office equip Wi-Fi, a Ethanet cable, a desk, a chair and drawers. Drop in fee 1,100 yen (per day) You can drop in our space in our business hour. Any reservation is not necessary to use (If you visit us with many coworkers, please contact us to keeping your seat). Feel free to come and go, and bring your own foods or drinks. 550 yen (within 2 hours) If you want to drop in for a short time, you can use our space for 550yen. You can extend the time during using. Monthly plans Free Desk Plan Free desk plan members can use hot desks in 1F Living Room and a meeting desk in 4F at Monday to Friday, 9:30 - 18:00 (Drop-in hours). For the person who want to use on weekend (Saturday, Sunday and holidays), we also provide Weekend plan. The minimum usage period is 1 month. Fixed Desk Plan Fixed desk plan members can keep your fixed desk at 4F Office Room. The plan members can use their desk everyday (include weekend), 8:00 - 23:00. We provide 2 sizes of desk. The minimum usage period is 6 months. * This plan is occupied now Small office Plan The plan members keep a small, lockable office at 3F, room 303 with a Ethernet cable / a desk / a chair / drawers. The plan members can use their desk everyday (holidays are OK), 8:00 - 23:00. The minimum usage period is 6 months. * This plan is occupied now * The deposit will be returned when you leave. If you corrupt our facilities, please let us pay from the deposit. Access Suikou Bld. 1F, 1-17-13, Juso-Higashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan Tel: (+81) 06-7502-1019 Mail: hello@juso-coworking.com From Osaka Station: 5 minutes by train (via Hankyu Railway Umeda station) From Kyoto: About 35 minutes by train From Kobe: About 40 minutes by train From Shin-Osaka station: About 10 minutes by taxi Hosts Hello, we're JUSO Coworking owners. Our English speaking is not good enough, but we're keep on trying to give you good experience at Osaka. Please ask us anytime you like. You can contact us at Our contact form or E-mail (hello@juso-coworking.com). Kojiro Fukazawa A web designer living in Osaka. I have jobs for website design / UI design / HTML - CSS coding / WordPress site building etc. Now I have English conversation class once in 2 weeks with our monthly members. Chikayo Fukazawa I'm a community manager of our space. I manage our space and the building that contains JUSO Coworking. I also run a charity "Kodomo Shokudo (Events provide children with meal and place to visit) " to contribute for Juso region. My English speaking is not good, but I'm trying. Feel free to chat me with written communication.